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Please Note: All session times for ICKSH 2022 are in Korea Standard Time (KST) UTC +9.
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Date Thursday, March 31, 2022
08:00-09:00 Registration
08:50-09:00 Opening Remark  
9:00-10:30 [JS01] KAI-KSH Joint Session [SS01] Pediatric disease [SS02] Lymphoma (1) - B cell / CLL [ES01] Platelet Disorder
Next generation CAR-T cell therapy against hematological malignancies
Kyungho Choi, Korea
Primary immune regulatory disorder for the pediatric hematologist and oncologist
Shanmuganathan Chandrakasan, USA
Molecular classification of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma and novel treatment strategies
Daisuke Ennishi, Japan
Diagnostic work up of inherited platelet disorder
Bohyun Kim, Korea
Effective conditioning regimen in adoptive
T cell therapy of cancer
Chungyong Han, Korea
Clonal evolution and somatic reversion in bone marrow failure
Akiko Shimamura, USA
Novel immunotherapeutic antibodies for
B-cell NHL
Gilles Salles, USA
Recent advances in treatments of immune thrombocytopenia
Daesik Kim, Korea
Tissue resident memory T cells in multiple myeloma
Yoon Seok Choi, Korea
Molecular landscape of pediatric AML
Soheil Meshinchi, USA
Targeting B-cell receptor and BCL-2 in chronic lymphocytic leukemia 
Susan M. O'Brien, USA
Thrombocytopenia in pregnancy
Young Hoon Park, Korea
T-cell-based immunotherapeutic strategies against EBV-positive malignancies using the novel TCR specific for LMP1 antigen
Tai-Gyu Kim, Korea
10:30-11:15 Plenary Lecture I 
Immune landscape of hematological malignancies and functional screening tools
Satu Mustjoki, Finland
11:15-11:30 Break
11:30-12:10 [SY01] Handok [SY02] Astellas [SY03] Novartis [SY04] Janssen
What is the role of C5 inhibitors in PNH?
Jin Seok Kim, Korea
Gilteritinib: ADMIRAL study and real world experience
Byung Sik Cho, Korea
Role of CD19-directed CAR-T therapy in patients with DLBCL (Novartis Kymriah symposium)
Koji Izutsu, Japan
Immunotherapy in multiple myeloma
Ajai Chari, USA
12:10-12:40 E-poster Exhibition
12:40-13:40 Young Investigator Presentation [OP01] AML, MDS [OP02] Lymphoma, Histiocytosis [OP03] Laboratory Hematology
13:40-13:55 Break
13:55-15:25 [AS01] Asian Session 1 - AA
[SS03] MPN [SS04] MM [ES02] AML
Korean treatment guideline for aplastic anemia
Jun Ho Jang, Korea
Recent advances in molecular diagnosis, prognosis and monitoring of MPNs
Myungshin Kim, Korea
Evolution of myeloma from the normal plasma cell to disease complexity
Niccolo Bolli, Italy
Human AML stem cell: evolution of concept
Dong Yeop Shin, Korea
Aplastic anemia immunosuppressive therapy in China
Zhao Xin, China
Molecular mechanisms underlying the development of MPN by mutant calreticulin and the therapeutic potential of an antibody targeting mutant calreticulin
Norio Komatsu, Japan
The power of ONE: immunology in the age of single cell genomics
Ido Amit, Israel
Recent update of AML risk stratification
Hyoeun Shim, Korea
Clinical significance of detecting HLA-class I allele-lacking leukocytes in patients with aplastic anemia
Kohei Hosokawa, Japan
Targeting proinfl ammatory signaling, including IL8, in myelofi brosis: the pathway into the clinic
Andrew J. Dunbar, USA
Clinical implication of immune network in multiple myeloma
Je-Jung Lee, Korea
FLT3 mutated AML
Jae-Sook Ahn, Korea
15:25~15:40 Break
15:40~17:10 [JS02] KOGO-KSH Joint Session [SS05] CML [SS06] Cell Therapy / Transplantation [ES03] Thrombosis / Hemostasis
Developing single-cell data integration pipeline to find novel cell types and gene markers for immune diseases
Jong-Eun Park, Korea
Resistance mechanism in CML
Kimmo Porkka, Finland
Immune landscapes and chemotherapy resistance in AML
Sergio Rutella, UK
Advances in laboratory assessment in thrombosis/hemostasis
JaeWoo Song, Korea
Detection of enhancer hijacking of oncogenes in multiple myeloma
Jin-Wu Nam, Korea
Mutational landscape in CML
Simona Soverini, Italy
Towards next-generation T cell engineering for cancer
Chan Hyuk Kim, Korea
Cancer-associated thrombosis
Ho-Young Yhim, Korea
Pharmacogenetics of childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia
Hyery Kim, Korea
CML/MPN stem cells and the bone marrow microenvironment
Steffen Koschmieder, Germany
Endogenous retroviruses as a source of tumor antigens in solid tumors and acute myeloid leukemia
Stéphane Depil, France
Recent advances in the management of immune mediated TTP
Sung Hwa Bae, Korea
Evaluating leukemic structural variations using optical genome mapping
Saeam Shin, Korea
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